Navy League

The first Navy League was established in London in 1895 with the goal of promoting adequate naval preparedness … the following year, the first Navy League of New Zealand was established in Auckland and within ten years there were branches in six cities … the Royal New Zealand Navy was formed in its own right in 1941 and The Navy League of New Zealand was set up as a national body in 1947

Mission Statement : The mission of The Navy League of New Zealand Inc is to promote greater understanding of maritime issues in New Zealand

Vision Statement : The Navy League of New Zealand Inc is a professional source of information and reliable advice on maritime matters. In the future the League will promote and encourage :

  • An understanding amongst our community of the importance of our: maritime dependence; maritime trade; local marine industries and activities; and, the need to protect our maritime interests and resources
  • An understanding amongst our youth of the issues that impact on these realities and values, and support the Sea Cadet Association of NZ (SCANZ) and like minded organisations to provide the opportunity for youths to experience recreational maritime activities
  • An understanding amongst our elected representatives of the relevance of the maritime dimension to trade, defence, EEZ resource management and environmental policy issues

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