The New Zealand Armed Forces Award is a long service decoration for Regular Force Officers of the New Zealand Defence Force … established on 6 May 1985, the medal is presented for 15 years of unblemished service

■ Ribbon : dark blue (Navy), crimson (Army), and light blue (Air Force) … these colours represent the three services, while the black central stripe represents New Zealand … ribbon attached to medal by fixed bar suspension

■ Obverse : crowned effigy of Her Majesty The Queen surrounded by the inscription ELIZABETH II DEI GRATIA REGINA FID. DEF. … fixed bar suspension

■ Reverse : two crossed swords, pointed upwards, with a spread winged eagle superimposed in the centre, surmounted by a Naval Crown … behind the swords are two fern fronds with their stems crossed at the base … the whole designed is surrounded by the inscription NEW ZEALAND above and ARMED FORCES AWARD below … the emblems are representative of the three services of the New Zealand Defence Force – New Zealand Army – Royal New Zealand Navy – Royal New Zealand Air Force

■ Dimensions : n/k * n/k mm … ■ Weight : n/k g

■ Materials : silver

■ NB : subsequent awards of the medal are denoted by a clasp worn on the suspension ribbon of the medal or as a rosette on the service ribbon worn in undress … image of award to my son Chris 🙂