International Order of the Rainbow for Girls

The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls (IORG) is a Masonic youth service organization which teaches leadership training through community service … girls (ages 11–21) learn about the value of charity and service through their work and involvement with their annual local and Grand (state or country) service projects … the Seven Bow Stations teach lessons about the colours of the rainbow and their corresponding virtues …

  • Love (red) … in all its forms
  • Religion (orange) … the importance of religion in all its forms (based on love and forgiveness)
  • Nature (yellow) … its importance in your daily life
  • Immortality (green) … the understanding of death is a part of life
  • Fidelity (blue) … emphasis on being honest and reliable
  • Patriotism (indigo) … encouraging citizenship to your country
  • Service (violet) … service to others which bind all the colours together

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